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Why have a Medicare plan with Dental and Vision?

July 12, 2016


Traditional Medicare does not offer coverage for dental or vision. However, almost all Medicare Advantage plans include certain types of Dental and Vision coverage. While these areas are often overlooked when considering your health care needs, expenses for dental work and glasses/contacts can result in significant out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not currently have coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan, consider the following:


DENTAL: Americans spend billions on dental services alone every year. Dental care can be as simple as a twice-yearly visit for a cleaning and x-rays, or it can involve more costly care, such as undergoing oral surgery, getting dentures, or needing a crown. The American Dental Association (ADA) has found that cost barriers to obtain needed dental care are continuing to rise among adults, causing many of them to avoid seeing a dentist on a regular basis, as seen on the chart below.1 With 122 million Americans, 39% of the population, not having any form of dental coverage the demand is strong among those that are uninsured.


VISION: The Vision Council of America says more than 180 million Americans have vision impairments, with 81% of adults using some form of vision corrections (e.g., glasses or contact lenses). With only 43% of all households currently having some form of vision coverage and more than 10 million Americans with undiagnosed eye problems, there is likely a Medicare Advantage vision plan that could help cover a member’s exam, frames and lens for glasses or contact lens.


We know that our clients are more likely to go to the dentist or eye doctor if they have the proper insurance and, more importantly, if they understand there is a sufficient link established between overall health and oral and vision health.


With many different Medicare Advantage Plans in our area offering Dental and Vision coverage, you will be able to find something that matches your needs. Contact the agents at MEDICARE CHOICE SOLUTIONS and let us find a plan that works best for you. (850) 215-4618 


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Medicare Plans and Supplemental Solutions
Medicare Plans and Supplemental Solutions



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Medicare Plans and Supplemental Solutions
Medicare Plans and Supplemental Solutions


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